Bridal lingerie and the special wedding night "gifts" and accessories!

How many of bride women's really stop in bridal lingerie stores thinking about their hot wedding night? Considering the fact that in recent years fashion has been increasingly from minimalist to maximum his importance, it seems that the number of concerned women regarding what wearing underneath has increased. Most brides often choose underwear based on practical aspect, aside from the opportunity to highlight the femininity with her.

It seemed that this revelation had it because designers are timing this year is registering a return of attention on these pieces of clothing. It is now extremely sexy, provocative and maybe evens a little exotic even is retro. Functional style is very well defined and combined with the passionate way. Bridal lingerie that is more sophisticated occupies a significant role in this year's creations, regardless of color or pattern, revealing or covering where necessary.

Preferred materials of bridal lingerie designers are quite restrictive, but of course can be tailored to women's preferences. Thus, embroideries, silk and satin are back in force at the expense of cotton that seems to be left out this year, at least in terms of hot underwear. Favorite colors are black, which seems to never going out of trend when it comes to passion, red, following the same principle, and pink, or shades of gray or leopard prints.

Regarding the models addressed to brides, they are with push-up bras back, lace, and garters. Everything seems to be split to collections of 80s fashion, undoubtedly an inspiration for the designers of the moment.

Women must not forget the songs of resistance – bridal lingerie. For satin materials, they prefer, as otherwise to use embroidery. A spectacular item that will definitely make such a night outfit noticed is that the embroidery panels, most often in floral shapes that give the feeling of naturalness and attached obvious sensuality.

Altogether, it is time to go to shopping for our new lingerie pieces. After the wedding ceremony brides can be concerned regarding the most important moment is their bridal lingerie, it should perhaps be remembered that after the wedding day will follow vacation, which mostly means... hot nights.


An obsession for many grooms (and men too), but also a cause of sudden loss of libido, underwear is the most profound way possible personality of women who chooses to wear; there are now ways accurate, based on scientific studies, employment a woman in a particular type of sensuality by her favorite intimate lingerie.

In many ways, it can be said that the underwear is better than other brands of his personality, that men, almost instinctively knowing if they hit the jackpot when stealthily observe what kind of underwear they buy regularly a woman or when they can admire a woman living in all its fullness forms appealing.

Not only women 's underwear reveals to their men the secrets of their personality, but also so, when they can get a small bonus, that they can find clues about the state of his time and how they wants to be treated in sheets, more gently or with more toughness or with intense passion. Such underwear is the best friend of men when it comes to cementing the relationship with the woman they loved and these are some examples revealing in this regard.
Lace, ruffles, and garters as bridal lingerie is a great treaty from a partner who wants to reward his beloved. In the wedding night, they must feel completely lucky if they were given such a luxury “package”, women giving clear signals that, it provides the body and soul to the one they love crazy enough to spend and to give them a naughty night of passion.

Cotton quality linen- nothing suggests more the vulnerability and naturalness of women than wear the linens apparently unpretentious but very sexy and full of come “over here”. Women usually wear during the day because it is comfortable and it makes them feel good in their own skin especially when the panties are easily molded to the body and the material is of good quality. Such bride women prefer simply passionate sex, but expect a high dose of sensuality and sincerity from their partner.

Retro linen is known popularly between retro brides as “peppers”. Linen retro modern hanging bill relatively rare, so ask plenty of confidence and requires a certain type of personality that is mostly worn by women with moral values traditional type that partner expects to engage in a long term relationship and more than that, expect to be courted and proposed to very seriously marriage.

Bridal lingerie with cord (G - string)- provides a complete lack of inhibitions in sexually woman wearing such lingerie is regularly looking for reliable partner and that is why making an extra effort, wearing lingerie that reveals more than covers its erogenous zones. Such a woman will be an excellent sexual partner, but can never tell if will experience one night will be repeated or not, only the woman in question knowing when it's time to quit with string panties to wear exotic underwear more convenient, that when she finally found a compatible partner.

Customized bridal lingerie - a special category of women wearing beautiful hot personalized lingerie or printed with various designs and/or original posts are usually inclined to different fetishes and want to turn sex into an art, hence the customary course and jokes, colorful language and so on. It is not easy to deal with women often wearing customized lingerie, but once they've managed to get under the skin will be with the good, the bad and especially ... in bed.

Boxer bridal lingerie finally yet importantly, really want lately by many women, increased level of comfort that it offer, female boxers are stylish, seductive and come in dozens of shapes and colors, men in turn having a good opinion about these spare underwear. Women, who prefer this flirty lingerie love forever, love to tease and they love foreplay more than intercourse itself. Are difficult to conquer women, full of refinement and know to choose as partners.