Bridal lingerie and how to look perfect on the wedding night!

As have already reviewed the parts that should stay at the bottom of bridal lingerie collection, now think about the times women spent at their home, in long winter evenings or weekends relaxing fragrance of tenderness after the wedding ceremony. For those ex-brides the best proposal is to quit gradually, to those old things, good to wear in the house, in favor of a few casual, beautiful lingerie outfits, besides comfort will guarantee them a chic and naughty appearance in front of their loved husband.


But for those future brides is time to make them look brighter in their wedding day and most important in their wedding night (which is said that is by far the best night). If they already got their eyes on a sexy nightie and black lace garter belt that will highlight their person in front of their husband, then they are on the right road. Alternatively, women can think of a sexy corset that will surely fascinate their husbands. They even used for measuring tailor tape and tried all sizes and models. Before wedding and along with other mandatory clothes they have to explore all specialty boutiques and bridal lingerie stores knowing precisely what piece of naughty and exotic clothing to buy ... In a word, future brides are ready to enjoy their hot nights ... But wait...

Have they ever thought about the color of their bridal lingerie? What color makes them special and how will catch them in the best way? This aspect of underwear can make a “rash” in the room or may not have a very interesting effect. For sure, any bride could always just go the black and white version ... But this choice will might not impress too much their husbands. After all, who eat only flavored chocolate and vanilla ice cream?

Color is ideal for underwear that fits best with bride's hair color, eyes, and tone skin. Bride need to consider these issues, by contrast or emphasis to produce an unbeatable visual effect. The right combination will make headlines in the romantic wedding night they prepare and will greatly improve future sex life!

Begin by focusing on bride's hair color. Is ash blonde or brunette? Blondie will be highlighted with lighter shades such as pastels. These pale colors will be to their advantage because it will cover their natural hair color. If they choose a color too dark, facial features will be shaded attention being captured elsewhere, what could do to look less sexy. For brown-haired women, sharper colors are recommended.


Eyes color can be a determining factor in the choice of ideal color bridal lingerie for brides. Most often, women with blue eyes can choose a sexy shade of blue from the slightest to the most intense. Given the scope of the blue color, they need to decide on what range they choose. Try brown or shade of brown and blue eye color that will complement.
Those women with green eyes can choose following the same system of logic, green lingerie in shades of green. A good idea is a little red or plaid prints that have a shade of red and green for women with green eyes. Those with brown eyes are very lucky in this regard because they can choose earthy colors, but also shades of green and blue. Even if they choose a color, naughty underwear must underline the eyes, because they have an undeniable aphrodisiac effect.

In conclusion, make sure taken into account the skin tone. No women want to choose an intimate linen color that will overshadow their natural complexion!

If brides have a medium skin tones should go for pastel powder, unless they want to match it with hair or eye color; this way, exotic underwear that can create a sparkling effect fantastic. Underwear is very important for every woman. Well-chosen naughty lingerie gives them confidence and self-control, especially in front of their partner. Still, the choice is difficult because some women do not fit quite right lingerie, while for others, this time linen suits them perfectly.


Women of hourglass figure type is said to be the perfect silhouette, proportions of the body being in harmony. Figure known as 90-60-90 is ideal, this giving them the happy possessor of this most body shapes possibilities in choosing sexy underwear. Underwear that fits this model is the body type or bustier corset, accentuating them even more their ideal forms. However, they must not neglect the sexy underwear, where a bikini and a loose blouse neck folds pronounced hourglass figure perfectly.

For women with thick waist silhouette is the perfect underwear in dark colors, casual. This option is the most advantageous for those who have a perfect-waist, although the legs and breasts are ideal. Also, this type of figure, it fits perfectly baby doll lingerie. For added brought neckline, is recommending it a bra to support their breasts, lifting them out.

To androgens figure, athletic figure, where the body is very thin, attention should be drawn to the thin waist hot lingerie, so all the women wanted. To emphasize the waist is recommend a two-piece underwear, bra, and bikini. And for women with long legs, men panties are ideal type.

Either these tips will help or not future brides to have a special perfect wedding night, important thing that they have to remember is that they own the power to make that night counts!