Bridal lingerie and bride's clothes

Correct measure of a bridal lingerie bra is an aspect often overlooked by many women. According to statistics, almost 80 % of women wear an incorrect bra size.

bridal lingerie

Many women use bras with a headband too big and a cup size too small.

In such cases, the breasts are supported by straps, which shoulders subject to a certain pressure and lead to neck pain and headaches. A good bra should sustain breasts underneath but without any pressure on the shoulders.

In addition, a measure improper bra, especially if a bra too small can cause circulation problems and if it is too tight, trouble breathing.

A wrong sized bra gives a disgraceful bust and affects our posture. But as correct bra creates a leaner look and make clothes to sit better on their body.

Women generally and brides especially can check if the bra they are wearing is the most suitable by checking the area between cups, metal structure, and support of the bra band.
Women can conclude that a bra is like a good friend, because offers support, puts them in a positive light, and is always close to the heart.

Also, there is a great connection between bride's clothes and their hot bridal lingerie.
Brides with angelic face need a simple wedding dress, classic glamour to have a princess night. Do not choose a draped dress, a neckline, or naughty sleeves too broad. A simple dress slightly flared, with or without the strap (possibly a hot corset) is perfect to highlight such a face. Having the advantage of this face, such brides can wear any type of exotic clothes.

Petite brides should avoid dresses with normal waist, or the classic corset, as they will further highlight the lack of height. Run well-defined sizes, two-piece bridal outfits, if they want to create the impression of height and elongation, should orienting themselves best by imperial class (just under the bust) and a slightly flared line dress, or the dresses without waist area. It would be ideal for such brides and wedding dresses to get oriented towards simple quality bridal lingerie to create even more the impression of extension of the silhouette. This will be highlighted by wearing high heels.

bridal lingerie

Higher brides should try to choose a model as simple dress so that it fits with the rest of the features, but it does not create the feeling of more height. Do not choose any skirt dresses too rich, nor too high or low cuts with puffed sleeves. Try to choose a dress that there are some elements of horizontal and to stay out of the elements of verticality; such dresses can be assorted with rich ruffles naughty bridal lingerie.

Little plump brides should wear dress pattern on the bodice and slightly flared skirt or very flaring (in no way a person ` princess ' skirt) or dress as simple without accentuates the waistline. It focuses on breast volume, if desired, and can elongate their figure by creating the impression of V waist. If they have beautiful shoulders, can choose a model with straps on the shoulders, which such elongation and high silhouette. If they find that cannot highlight their waist, they can choose a model with a high waist, i.e. just below the breasts. For such brides they should wear only exotic bridal lingerie that will highlight their breast in the best way.
To brides a bit too skinny, unfortunately, the white color does not fit because weight gain always and dress tends to demonstrate this. But there is no need to panic. Although most models will seem to be a disadvantage, they will breathe easier after they will try high-waist models, slightly flared, which will hide in the folds of their low silhouette impression. If they are extremely lucky to have good-sized breasts, can opt for designs on the bodice. For them best is the hot bridal lingerie that with rich elements.

To pregnant brides nothing can be more beautiful than their visible maternity. Therefore, there is no attempt to hide it, but to present it as it deserves. They have to choose high-waist dress models and for the wedding night special pregnant exotic bridal lingerie.
To hourglass body brides, who have a slender, very well defined waist, it is best to choose a corset dress waist to emphasize beauty. If their hips and bust were well proportioned and equilibrated, it would be a shame not to choose a dress that will put all the cards in the light like a mermaid gown kind or full -fitting dress. To such brides any kind of exotic and naughty bridal lingerie is perfect.

Brides with beautiful shoulders, smooth skin, good shape, neither too full nor too weak, it would be a shame not pulls out. Contrary to some opinions, strapless dresses without shoulders does not show as much as a special line of neck straps gathered with their neck or neck dress with cut out shoulders. Having such beautiful characteristics then they can wear appropriate exotic bridal lingerie like corsets, hot sets and girdle.

Brides with long and beautiful neck should wear a completely dress that eliminates the feeling of sore throat too long or too thin, and if the model is chosen, it can even turn this disadvantage into an advantage. If they have beautiful shoulders, the better! If they want a neck dress, can opt for a dress with a beautiful cut in the right neck. For them corsets, rich bra with ruffles, or a transparent hot bridal lingerie sets.

bridal lingerie

Longest with small breasts should not wear necklines that emphasize naughty sub dimensioned breasts. If they do not have large breasts, best bet would be to find elements that distract from the breasts toward adjacent areas (neck, shoulders, hands, and waist). For example, a thin strap pattern and as simple corset, possibly with embroidery applied over the chest, maybe towards the waist. In no way, choose bridal lingerie pattern without applications, lace, or embroidery on the top of the dress. Beware of models in two pieces.
Brides with rich and beautiful breasts will find several models to their advantage; it is to consider that all the other features of the silhouette in choosing the right dress. Whether they choose a model that will emphasize breast volume without opt for a daring neckline, do not forget that the image of a bride should still be full of elegance, sophistication, grace, purity, innocence. This is not applying to hot bridal lingerie, which can focus on the main target!

No matter of their silhouette, brides always should wear bridal lingerie that makes them feel sexy and naughty!

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